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The Collection 2


The AmpliTube 5 Custom Shop is a free software package for your Mac or PC that includes a complete guitar dual signal chain; tuner, pedalboard, amplifier, cabinet, microphone and rack effects section. It comes with 39 pieces of gear and access to our unique online virtual music store where you can purchase gear models either a-la-carte or as a complete collection. You can even create almost any rig you can dream up combining this gear collection with the universe of gear available to try or buy in Custom Shop.

The inaugural collection of books includes 40 titles that span the physical sciences and offers scientists, researchers, and students tools that help them advance in their current field and learn about a new field.

The first collection was a great experiment in what kinds of experiences some horror devs could create with just a short amount of time and a small amount of money. It resulted in some genuinely impressive results as an anthology-like compilation. Dread X 2 has a few returning developers and plenty of new ones. They also tried to stick with a general overall theme of Lovecraft, though not every single dev did so very outwardly.

Instead of Dread X 2 starting you out with a simple menu as a launching point for all the titles, it begins inside a playable game where you explore a PS1-aesthetic mansion in first-person. The locked room where it all starts includes a TV, stereo, VCR, and several boxes that contain VHS tapes. After being told by a voice on the speakers that each of these tapes is one of the games in the collection, you can choose to put any of them into the VCR to jump in.

Overall, Dread X 2 brings together a diverse array of developers, just as the first collection did, but by bringing in more developers and more games, this resulted in more of them feeling lackluster or under-developed. This follow-up lacks the impact that Dread X 1 had, but still stands as a solid package on its own, ending up as a worthy follow-up to the first collection, but with a bigger gap in quality and memorability between some of the titles.

But according to 2 Corinthians 8, the church at Corinth was slow to participate in this collection. Paul describes the generosity of the poor churches in Macedonia (vv. 1-5) and compares this service to Jesus, who was rich yet he became poor (v. 9). This is a similar argument to Philippians 1 where Paul encourage the church to follow the example of Jesus who did not think equality with God was something to be grasped but took on the form of a human servant. If anyone in Corinth was thinking their social standing was too high to participate in this particular project, Jesus is the ultimate challenge!

In 2 Corinthians chapter 8 Paul encourages the Corinthians to give towards a collection for poor Jesus-followers in Jerusalem. Paul was insistent that they contribute as the resources that some of them provided for a significant portion of what he would collect (TTP p.157). At the time in the Greco Roman world there was no similar practice of collecting funds to deliver to the poor elsewhere so what Paul was asking made the Corinthians call his motives into question especially because of the rifts in their relationship with him (Long). Paul used several strong motivators to convince the Corinthians that them must give. He appealed to their sense of self-importance noting that they excel in everything and giving must be included. Paul also mentioned that their giving would be a demonstration of their obedience to God and a service to those in need (TTP p.158). Other less affluent churches such as those in Macedonia had already given generously so the Corinthians must give as well. Paul emphasized that whatever they gave it would be an act of grace just as Jesus became poor for the sake of their salvation (2 Corinthians 8:9). For Paul, the collection was a demonstration of the gospel he preached in which Christians would follow the example of the self-giving God and imitate him with their


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