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Artemisia is facing a crossroads. She has left her home for the first time, she has left behind a life of privilege, and she is in a place where she has no status. Her voice is bitter, for she has lost the crown, and has no use for the belt, so there is nothing to bind her to the vampire. Even worse, she is practically a prisoner, and being near forced to serve an even greater wickedness, one that may spell doom for her kind. No one trusts her, except for Boris, a rogue vampire who is not of her realm. Only he believes she can help him find the three Children of the Lake."Artesia is done," he says. Why should I even bother? She is no use to me."He softens. A man cannot say such things to a woman, and especially not a woman as lovely as you."I do not have time to waste."Her voice is cold."And that is your concern?"She looks him up and down, narrowing her eyes. I think I will punish you for your insolence."The rogue vampire stares at her, and for a moment, there is something new in his eyes, something unusual, perhaps even wondrous. She understands this at once and instantly forgets her anger. Boris gives a little laugh. He smiles, and winks at her. "Perhaps I will, indeed," he says. And then he adds, "But not for a moment." The fascinating independent and searching heroine has to struggle to find herself by herself in a strange new world. She is away from her family and every friend she knew and she is alone on a dangerous journey.She joins Boris in his search for something, and she knows that her journey will take her to places she did not know existed.

cruel crown epub free download


The Cruel Prince The Cruel Prince Information Author Holly Black Publish Date January 2, 2018 Publisher Little Brown Books for Young Readers Chronology Preceded by N/A Followed by The Lost Sisters (book 1.5) The Wicked King (book 2)


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