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In 1600, learning of the war being fought between Christian forces of the Holy Roman Empire [HRE] and the Muslim Ottoman Turks, Smith set off for Austria to join the HRE army. On his way to Austria, Smith experienced several adventures, including serving on a pirate ship in the Mediterranean Sea. His pirate service earned him 500 gold pieces enabling him to complete his trip through Italy, Croatia and Slovenia to Austria where he joined the HRE army. Smith fought against the Turks in battles waged in Slovenia, Hungary and Transylvania [Romania] earning several awards for his bravery in battle. One award was his promotion to captain, a title Smith remained proud of the rest of his life. The Prince of Transylvania gave Smith the title of "English gentleman", and with it a coat of arms that consisted of three Turks' heads representing the three Turks killed and beheaded by Smith in individual jousting duels. Smith had become a very accomplished soldier and leader. But his good fortune ended in 1602 when he was wounded and captured in battle and sold into Turkish slavery. Smith was forced to march 600 miles to Constantinople where a new adventure awaited the captain.In Constantinople, the enslaved Smith was presented by his master as a gift to his fiancée, Charatza Tragbigzanda. According to Smith's account, Charatza became infatuated with him, and apparently in an attempt to convert Smith to Islam, she sent him to work for her brother, Tymor Bashaw, who ran an agricultural station in present-day Russia, near Rostov. Instead of instructing Smith, Tymore mistreated him by shaving his head, placing an iron ring around his neck, giving him little to eat and often beating him. During one such beating, Smith overpowered Tymore, killing him and fleeing his enslavement using Tymore's horse and clothing. Traveling for days, unsure of his route, Smith was befriended by a Russian and his wife, Callamatta, whom Smith called this "good lady". Their assistance helped Smith regain his strength and begin his travels across the remainder of Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, Spain, and Morocco before finally returning to England in 1604. One author estimates Smith's travels from 1600-1604 covered nearly 11,000 miles! The captain was finally home, but not for long.

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