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Jeff Kharidia
Jeff Kharidia

11 Vuze Search Templates ((LINK))

keep in mind that you can only search up to 5 sites at a time. if you're on a web page and the download option is greyed out that doesn't mean that you can't download the file. you just can't search from that particular site right then, in this specific search. if you have multiple sites in your vuze plus search settings, you should be able to click on more than one box to download the file and then click on one again to close the popup.

11 vuze search templates

many of the search templates use the torrent sites search function to find files, so if you're looking for a file, you should be able to find it using your vuze search tool. however, if you're looking for a file that's not at the torrent site, you should check the local file search feature instead. the local file search feature should list files stored locally on your computer. if you have the exact file name you want, you should be able to click on it and vuze will open a download dialog. if you don't have the exact file name, you should be able to use the advanced search tool to find files with similar names.

as i mentioned earlier, if you have vuze plus membership, it will have removed all of the advertisements from your searches. so your searches should be entirely ad-free. there are a few exceptions, for example, some of the search templates search search engines that you may want to keep the ads on, such as google.

you can only import up to 5 search templates at a time. if you have more than 5 search templates, you can import up to the 5th search template, and the new result list will continue to show up. you should be able to import and delete any template that you want. it is important to note that when you import a template, it will add that site to the search results, so you may want to remove that search template first.


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