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Jeff Kharidia

Windows 8.1 Pro x64-Activated: The Best Operating System for Business and Technology Enthusiasts

can someone help me activate my 64 bit windows 8 pro (x64) on my toshiba laptop? i've tried a few keys and they all don't work. i've tried this key, which is what the support article says should work and it doesn't. if there's a different key i could try, please let me know. thanks.


if you have the windows 8.1 pro x64-activated, do you have the msdm menu? if you have it, go to the acpi tab and right click on the msdm tab. you should be able to choose windows 8.1. if you dont have it, then you need to re-install windows 8. that's the only way i can see it working for you.

hi all, i have a 64 bit system. i wanted to use the partition editor on the windows 8.1. but when i clicked on the icon it says,"permission denied". i searched in the internet and could find no way to make it work. any clue how can i make it work.thanks.

i am not able to download windows 8.1 from microsoft store because it is not available in my country. i am not able to download it because it is not available in my country. i need to create a local account (i do not have any microsoft account) but it says i need another windows installation (it is also available in my country) but the user/pass is not the same

i'm having problem with my new laptop for activating windows. i bought a new laptop with windows 8.1 and i'm having problem for activating windows. my laptop (dell inspiron 748) has no cd drive or dvd drive so i installed windows 8.1 by using a usb flash disk. the problem is that it only shows a windows 8.1 key instead of the windows 8.1 pro key and it is not activating. i tried to activate it with some other keys but none of them work. my laptop has only a battery pack so i need to activate windows without having a pc that has a cd drive or a dvd drive. please help me.


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