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Update Your Mercedes Comand Aps with the Ntg2 V15 2013 2014 DVD

Mercedes Comand Aps Europe Ntg2 V15 2013 2014 Torrent

If you own a Mercedes-Benz vehicle with a Comand Aps navigation system, you might be interested in updating it to the latest version. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Mercedes Comand Aps Europe Ntg2 V15 2013 2014 Torrent, including what it is, what it offers, and how to get it.

Mercedes Comand Aps Europe Ntg2 V15 2013 2014 Torrent

What is Mercedes Comand Aps?

A brief introduction to the navigation system

Comand Aps is a multimedia and navigation system developed by Mercedes-Benz for its vehicles. It stands for Cockpit Management and Data System Audio Pilot System. It consists of a central display unit, a control unit, and various input and output devices, such as a DVD player, a CD changer, a radio tuner, a Bluetooth interface, a USB port, an SD card slot, and a hard disk drive.

The features and benefits of Comand Aps

Comand Aps offers a range of features and benefits for Mercedes-Benz drivers, such as:

  • High-quality maps and directions for over 30 countries in Europe, with voice guidance and traffic information.

  • Easy access to various entertainment and communication options, such as music, videos, phone calls, text messages, internet browsing, and online services.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface, with touch screen, rotary knob, steering wheel buttons, voice control, and gesture control.

  • Integration with other vehicle systems, such as climate control, parking assist, speed limit assist, lane keeping assist, and blind spot assist.

  • Personalization and customization options, such as language settings, display themes, sound settings, favorites, and profiles.

What is the latest version of Comand Aps for Europe?

The details of the Ntg2 V15 2013 2014 update

The latest version of Comand Aps for Europe is the Ntg2 V15 2013 2014 update. It is a DVD with navigation data for 34 countries in Europe, with streets and roads, towns and villages, and many points of interest. According to , Western Europe is covered with this version. In Eastern Europe, besides Poland, Croatia, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Greece, other cities were included in Bulgaria and Romania.

The update also includes over 1.8 million points of interest in over 40 categories, such as gas stations, parking lots, museums, restaurants, and hospitals. Additionally, the navigation system can show the quickest route to over 3300 Mercedes-Benz service partners.

The coverage and compatibility of the update

The Ntg2 V15 2013 2014 update covers the following countries in Europe:


BulgariaCroatiaCzech RepublicDenmark







d>United Kingdom

The update is compatible with the following Mercedes-Benz vehicles with Comand Aps:

  • A-Class W169 (09/04-05/08)

  • B-Class W245 (06/05-05/08)

  • C-Class W203, CL203 (04/04-05/08)

  • CLK W209 (06/05-05/09)

  • G-Class W463 (03/07-09/08)

  • GL-Class (06/06-07/09)

  • ML-Class W164 (07/05-07/08)

  • R-Class W251 (02/06-08/10)

How to get the update for your Mercedes?

The options and sources for downloading the update