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David Sanders
David Sanders

Nokia Phone Unlocker Full Versionl

the samsung galaxy a21 will replace the a03s in this price range later this year, but it will be a budget phone by then, as the a21l is the high-end variant. its screen is 2.9 inches, and its display isnt as good, with worse refresh rate and color accuracy, but it has 6 gb of ram, and it costs about $60 more than the a03s. the battery is also twice as big as the a03s, at 3,300mah, but its not fast enough to run two apps simultaneously, or make phone calls while charging. those features are cheap and easy to get with samsungs other budget phones, so this phone doesnt stand out.

Nokia Phone Unlocker Full Versionl

the a02s is one of our budget favorites, but it has the lowest memory of the phones in this price bracket. so its not a good option for many people. it has a good display and relatively strong battery life, but its got the worst performance of all of these phones. the 5,500mah battery cant even charge through the included usb-c cable. in fact, it heats up too much to charge in the brief times it will work, so you can save battery life by just letting it fully charge while plugged in. its also built around android 11, making it unsafe to use as your only phone for years to come.

lets face it: at this price, buying a qualcomm budget phone isnt the smartest move. the 5,000mah battery should be more than sufficient for a phone of this price, and the galaxy a07s is a great option if youre willing to spend $50 more. its 5.7-inch amoled panel isnt quite as good as those on the galaxy a13, but it has a fast 30 hz refresh rate, making it smooth to use for messaging, web browsing, and basic games. its 3 gb of ram is good enough for most tasks, and its 8 gb of internal storage are plenty. the biggest limitation on this phone is its screen quality. its amoled isnt as good as the amoled screens on many phones that cost twice as much.


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