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We are raising funds for our 2024 International Camporee and we need your support! Please click the following link to be redirected to our fundraising programs or approach any of the Pathfinder Parents/Guardians for redirection to our Fundraising Committee. Thank you!

Hey Friends, Our Pathfinders need our help. We are raising funds for the 2024 International Pathfinder Camporee in Wyoming and has signed up with Fundscrip. How it works: 1. Find a retailer or restaurant of your choice - for example, Walmart, Kelsey's, etc - and choose to buy either a plastic gift card or egift card to use at the store or online. There’s a huge list of retailers who are participating, take your pick. 2. It’s a dollar for dollar in exchange - meaning, if you paid $50, you get $50 to spend. Simple math 🤓 3. Your chosen retailer will then donate a designated percentage on behalf of your purchase - for example, Walmart is donating 2.5% from the total amount purchased. If you purchased $50, Walmart will donate $1.25 for the Orion Pathfinders at no cost to you. The funds raised through this campaign will help send our youth to this camporee. I appeal to you, if you have a few mins to spare, to click the link (promise, no virus and not a scam) and sign up for free. You can browse through the list of retailers and start from there. Every dollar counts. Thank you!!


through the years

Orion Pathfinder Fancy Drill, Oshkosh 2019

Celeste & Samantha Magill, Forever Faithful Pathfinder Camporee 2014

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