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Penderecki Capriccio Tuba Pdf Fr

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STUDIES* Arban: Method for Tuba (or Trombone)* Bach: Cello Suites* Baer: Tonic/Dominant Scales for Tuba* Bordogni/Rochut: Melodious Etudes for trombone (or tuba edition by Wesley Jacobs)* Blazhevich: 70 Studies* Wesley Jacobs: Low Register Studies* Wesley Jacobs: Developing High Register (3 volumes)* Kopprasch/Young: 60 Studies* Snedecor: Low Etudes for TubaBach/Bixby/Bobo: Bach for the TubaBaer: Cross-Training Scales for TubaBlume: 36 Studies for Trombone with F-attachmentCharlier: Transcendental EtudesBrad Edwards: Simply Singing for WindsGetchell: First Book of Practical StudiesWesley Jacobs: Loud PlayingOstrander: Shifting Meter StudiesSchlossberg: Daily Drills and Technical StudiesTyrrell: Advanced StudiesVasiliev: 24 Melodious Etudes

On this page you will find help on how to structure your daily practice, a complete list of materials available for download, syllabi for those of you who are studying with me at Brevard Community College and Stetson University, a repertoire list, and a list of recordings of interest to trombone, euphonium, and tuba players. Many of these downloads are .pdf files which require Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may download this program here. It's free.

The composition is scored for three flutes, three oboes, three B clarinets, three bassoons (ten woodwind players also double on ocarinas), five F horns, three B-flat trumpets, three trombones, one tuba, percussion and a large string section.[6] The composition is loosely based on the Bible passage mentioned above, therefore trying to resemble being in the desert on a ladder to heaven, while the angels are ascending and descending.[1]

The University of North Texas College of Music Email: Syllabus of Selected Tuba Solo Repertoire for Graduate and Undergraduate Tuba Concentration Study compiled in 2003 by Donald C. Little, Professor of Tuba Roy Couch, Graduate Teaching Fellow in Tuba The proficiency levels indicated in this syllabus are relative levels of solo performance for tuba concentration study. These levels do not necessarily correspond to a student's academic classification, and students may chose solo repertoire based on their level of playing and by the recommendation of their applied instructor. Listings include piano accompaniment unless otherwise noted. COMPOSER TITLE LEVELS I, II (Freshman) Bencriscutto, Frank (1928-1997) Concertino (1971) Frackenpohl, Arthur (b. 1924) Concertino (1967) Grundman, Clare (1913-1996) Tuba Rhapsody (1976) Haddad, Don (b. 1935) Suite for Tuba (1966) Hartley, Walter S. (b. 1927) Suite for Unaccompanied Tuba (1964) Holmes, Paul (b. 1923) Lento (1958/61) Marcello, Benedetto (1686-1739) tr. Little/Nelson Sonata No. I in F (1732) Marcello, Benedetto (1686-1739) tr. Little/Nelson Sonata No. V in C (1732) Nelhybel, Vaclav (1910-1996) Suite for Tuba and Piano (1966) Phillips, Harry I. Eight Bel Canto Songs (1967) Perantoni, Daniel (b. 1941) (editor) Master Solos (1976) G.P. Telemann (1681-1767) arr. Chidester Adagio and Allegro (arr. 1966) G.P. Telemann (1681-1767) arr. Chidester Prelude and Allegretto (arr. 1966) G.P. Telemann (1681-1767) arr. Friedman Adagio and Allegro (Concerto in D) (arr. 1977) Vaughan, Rodger (b. 1932) Concertpiece No. 1 (1959) LEVELS III, IV (Sophomore) Bach, J.S. (1685-1750) arr. William Bell Air and Bourree (1937) Barat, J. Edouard (1892-1963), arr. Glen Smith Introduction and Dance (1973) Beversdorf, Thomas (1924-1981) Sonata (1962) Boda, John (b. 1922) Sonatina (1968) Brahms, Johannes (1833-1897) arr. Donald C. LittleFive Songs (1987) Capuzzi, Antonio (1755-1818) tr. Catelinet Andante and Rondo (tr. 1967) Gabrieli, Domenico (1651-1690) tr. R.W. Morris Ricercar (tr. 1974) (unaccompanied) Handel, G.F. (1685-1759) tr. R. Winston Morris Sonata No. 6 (tr. 1982)

The highly acclaimed American virtuoso performer on both tuba and euphonium, Dr Ben Pierce has produced several outstanding recordings in recent years. Hear him now on his first release, 'Wheels of Life', recorde


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