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Hendry Emma
Hendry Emma

During the colonial expansion in the Middle Ages, Western sailors created the Age of Discovery. In addition to facing the unknown fear from the rough ocean waves, the shortage of food and fresh water, and the poor sanitary environment, they also have to face long-term loneliness and coldness. After all, at that time, almost no women would sail with the ship. If the sailors' sexual desire problem was not solved well, it would affect the harmonious development of the entire fleet. However, this did not stop the resourceful sailors. A general sailing fleet often brings a "sailing lady", a "lady" made of rags and old clothes, which is often shared by multiple sailors. It is said that when the French philosopher Descartes went to Sweden in the mid-17th century, he took a "lady" made of metal and leather with him. Human beings have a very long history in making "sex partners". Let's look at modern life. Although many people are on land, they actually live like medieval sailors, relying on the "lady" they made. However, with the development of science and technology, the "ladies" are becoming more and more realistic. They are no longer the crude products made of old clothes and rags in the 18th century. They are also getting closer to real people both visually and tactilely. We call this lady full size sex doll, which can help many men solve their sexual problems.


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