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Axel Bennett

Autocom / Delphi Keygen to all versions 2011.3, 2012.1, 2012.2, 2012.3 ...

First, downloadds150e2012.keyand install it on your computer.2nd run the 2013.2installDelphi.exe in Desctop to activate the 2013.2 Cars and Trucks. Go to the directory with the installation file and start the installation.3rd Click start.4th Wait until the installation is finished5th Run 2013.2. exe as administrator and Finish the installation.6th Click start7th Select the car or truck that you want to have install using cdp+ or Install using your computer key. Dont select use dsdt+ because it opens the registration page. Right-click on the key image and select: copy image location8thOpen notepad and paste the location of the image to the bottom of the autocm.cfg file9th Save and close the autocm.cfg file and open autocm.cfg in notepad.10th Right-click on autocm.cfg and select paste. You will have to uncheck the use dsdt+ box. [Make sure you leave the selected (in auto.cfg) option at the top]11th Run the installation file and enjoy!12th You will now have a new menu called AUTOCM.It will auto detect DS150e, start the activation of CDP and VCI. After completion, you can enter the registration code (on CDP) or your own Autocom activation code (download the 2013.2Keygen[both.exe] from this page) to activate Autocom (DS150e)Note: You should remove the keygen from your computer after you activate Autocom. It will stop function unless you have the keygen on your computer. If you install the 2013.2.exe on a computer that does not have a DS150e, you will not be able to successfully activate, I guess. The directory where the installation is saved might be called Activation or Activation.exe.To keep it updated from 2015.3, all you have to do is download and install the 2015.3.exe on a computer that already has DS150e. It will update the keygen and install the latest version.

keygen autocom delphi 2012.3


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