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Top 8 Ways to Predict Football Correct Score Bets (Win Big or Go Home)

Correct score betting is just as popular as the three main markets of Asian Handicap, European Handicap, and Over/Under. With numerous options available, how can one win and make money from this unique style of football betting? Equip yourself with 5 effective methods to predict match outcomes from football tips ht/ft 

What is Correct Score Betting?

Correct score betting is a popular form of football wagering where the player predicts the exact outcome of a match. For instance, final scores like 0-0, 0-1, 1-0, 1-1, 2-0, etc., are typical in this type of bet.


Correct score betting is considered a highly distinctive form of football betting, possessing several intriguing aspects unlike any other wager:

  • Abundance of options compared to the usual 2 or 3 outcomes in conventional betting.

  • Ability to place bets on various outcomes to increase winning chances.

  • Option to engage in live betting, purchasing bets while the match is ongoing.

  • Access to numerous sources of information and match analysis before placing bets.

  • Easy to play, as one can bet on any potential score.

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Despite its advantages, correct score betting also harbors some unavoidable drawbacks:

  • Numerous outcomes may lead to player indecision.

  • Low winning rates; most score predictions end up being incorrect.

  • Match outcomes sometimes defy predictions, leading to undesirable results.

Variations of Correct Score Betting in Football Wagering

Apart from correct score betting, sportsbooks offer various other betting formats related to match outcomes, such as:

  • Predicting the team to score first or last.

  • Betting on extra time, penalties, etc.

  • Forecasting scores for first or second halves.

  • Predicting the exact total number of goals.

  • Placing bets on odd or even total goals.

  • Anticipating one team failing to score.

To provide more diverse and appealing betting options, gambling organizations continually strive to introduce new and unique types of bets. Players can often engage in multiple bet types within a single match.

Learning How to Calculate Correct Score Betting Winnings Accurately

Understanding how to calculate winnings in football betting helps players quickly identify fraudulent bookmakers. This is especially crucial in correct score betting due to the plethora of available options.

Moreover, by knowing how to compute profits, players can better manage their betting capital, determining whether investing in correct score bets is worthwhile.

Specifically, the standard calculation method used by reputable football betting sites in Vietnam is as follows:

Winning Wager = Wager Amount x Odds

In case of a lost bet:

Lost Wager = Wager Amount

For instance, in a match between Girona and Barcelona scheduled for January 29, 2023, if you bet 100,000 VND on the score 0-2 and win, your winning amount would be calculated as follows:

Winning Amount = 100,000 x 7.3 = 730,000 VND

Top 8 Strategies for Placing Accurate Football Correct Score Bets (Shared by Experts)

Many newcomers mistakenly believe that winning correct score bets relies solely on luck. However, numerous gambling experts have amassed wealth through this intriguing betting type.

  • Gather Data on Both Teams: Start by collecting information about the two clubs participating in the match. Comprehensive news coverage provides details such as form, standings, squad status, head-to-head records, etc.

  • Thoroughly Analyze Information: After acquiring sufficient data, analyze it to compare the relative strengths of the two teams. Occasionally, you may also refer to analyses from online betting forums.

  • Consider Offensive Strength and Defensive Vulnerability: A team with a strong attacking lineup tends to score more goals, while one prone to defensive errors concedes frequently. Evaluating these factors aids in making accurate score predictions.

  • Factor in Match Objectives and Nature: Depending on the motivation of both teams, the number of goals scored in a match may vary. For instance, matches like finals or semifinals tend to feature fewer goals as teams prioritize defensive stability.

  • Combine with Other Betting Markets: For many, correct score betting is just an auxiliary wager. They may bet substantial amounts on one of the main markets like Over/Under, European Handicap, or Asian Handicap and allocate a smaller sum to correct score bets with high odds, hoping for additional earnings.

  • Diversify Wagers, Cover Multiple Outcomes: If solely focusing on correct score bets, consider placing bets on multiple outcomes. Splitting your stake across different outcomes significantly increases the chances of winning, albeit with a lower potential payout per outcome.

  • Avoid Going All-In: As mentioned earlier, correct score betting doesn't guarantee success regardless of one's expertise. Thus, going all-in on this type of wagering will likely lead to substantial losses sooner rather than later.

  • Define Your Objective Before Placing Bets: Determine whether you're betting on correct scores for entertainment or profit. Serious bettors should conduct thorough research and utilize all available knowledge to make informed wagers, while casual players may rely on lucky numbers and hope for the best.

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Engaging in football betting without considering correct score bets is a significant oversight. The allure and excitement of this bet type stem from its unique gameplay. Many players have amassed substantial wealth by accurately predicting scores and employing various betting strategies discussed above.


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