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Shortcut Bar ? Quickly Access Files And Folders. 1.8.15

Include LibraryAdds a library to your sketch by inserting #include statements at the start of your code. For more details, see libraries below. Additionally, from this menu item you can access the Library Manager and import new libraries from .zip files.

Shortcut Bar – Quickly Access Files and Folders. 1.8.15

  • An example of using these services is at: Go Cloud Storage Manager.The API documentation is at Storage API.Load the library from Storage library.You will also need to load the libraries for each of the services themselves (other than localStorage).The source code is at GoCloudStorage.ts and in other files in that folder.Typescript definition file (go.d.ts) fixes.

  • Diagram and Model:Added Diagram.commit and Model.commit, which call a given function wrapped in a transaction.This is offered as a concise alternative to calling startTransaction and commitTransaction.

  • Added Model.set as a synonym for Model.setDataProperty.

  • Parts:Added Part.key and Link.key, as shortcuts for retrieving the Part's key in the Model data, if it exists.

  • Tools:Fixed duplicate calls to focus within the TextEditingTool.

Deprecated features:These features will remain in the library until version 2.0, but they will no longer be documented and their use is discouraged.

V9.5.55.0 SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE (11th October 2021)Fixed: Searching within profile configuration may cause crash or lockupFixed: Error message when exporting profiles to a drive that cannot be accessed, e.g. its a mapped driveFixed (Pro): If using Exchange cloud account then it will now reauthorize (from Cloud Accounts window) if refresh token has expiredFixed: Files and Folders will be NTFS encrypted/decrypted if watching for changes in File Encryption attributeFixed: Search results in profile configuration are translated (if not using English)Updated: Improve compatibility with ProFTPdUpdated: Tree componentUpdated: The notification (aka system tray) icon will not be hidden on future updates or upgrades

V9.5.5.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (10th March 2021)New (SE/Pro): (BETA FEATURE) Worker threads are now available for FTP/SFTP so multiple files can be uploaded, downloaded and deleted at the same time New: Invert selection button in Differences window New: When using multi-zip the log file now states number of files ignored because filename extension is wrong (no need to enable logging of skipped files) Updated: Extra debug output for support Updated: Improved communication with Windows Task Scheduler. If have access rights also checks users permissions with task scheduler. Updated (Pro): Changed block size calculation for uploading large files to Azure Updated (SE/Pro): If a SyncBack serial is entered into Touch licensing, and SyncBack is not registered, then it will use serial to register SyncBack Updated (SE/Pro): SERIALALL and LABELALL variables deprecated and are now same as SERIAL and LABEL Updated (SE/Pro): Silently failing due to Windows network failure tests for failure earlier but has impact on order of execution Updated: Numerous updates to FTP to improve performance Updated: Temporary Zip files are moved by SyncBack instead of zip component (only if not encrypting filenames) Fixed (Pro): Default to eu-west-1 region when location is set to EU to avoid problems with V4 signature Fixed (Pro): Egnyte may be failing to set meta-data Fixed (SE/Pro): FTP components failing to register when used heavily Fixed (Pro): When changing meta-data on cold storage object (S3 and Azure) then it will retrieve object so it can be changed later instead of failing Fixed: With multi-zip it was not logging files ignored because they filename extension was wrong (except if using file system) Fixed: Case change renames for files and directories did not work on exFAT, FAT32 and FAT file systems (requires a two-step rename) Fixed: When initially creating a new folder with files in it the last modification date of the new folder may be wrong Fixed (Pro): Fixed "SQLite3 Error 11 - database disk image is malformed" when using cloud

V9.4.3.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (2nd December 2020)New: Re-introduced the introduction web page when SyncBack is first runUpdated: Balloon hint displayed in filters window if filters are disabledUpdated: Dutch translations (thanks to René Diepenbroek)Updated: Italian translations (thanks to Enrico Bella)Updated: The installer will allow installation even if SyncBack is running (if V9.4.2.19 or earlier is already installed then closing SyncBack may fail, but installation with a reboot is possible)Updated: The installer will not run if it (the installer) is already runningUpdated: The back (arrow) button on main window (shown when choosing Preferences) will go back to burger menu instead of closing the menuUpdated: Can now choose to put computer to sleep or hibernate when profiles finish runningFixed: When using default style some dialog boxes may have some untranslated buttonsFixed: Help button in Global Settings went to wrong help file page (pressing F1 was OK)Fixed: When using volume GUIDs in source and/or destination it was not opening to correct folder (in profile configuration)Fixed: If files were copied/moved, and the total bytes copied/moved was zero, then the total bytes copied/moved was not loggedFixed (Pro): With Eldos SFTP it was only using UTF8 if set to always use UTF8Fixed (Pro): May get access violation if using Engyte and cloud directory does not existFixed (Pro): Avoid problems if user cannot read metadata in Egnyte due to access rightsFixed (Pro): Error now correctly given if file is too large to upload to OneDrive

V9.4.0.7 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (11th August 2020)New (Pro/SE): Pop-up menu item in main window to force a rescan for all selected Fast Backup profilesNew: Right-click on column headers in main window to show/hide columnsNew: Copy/Delete -> Warning now has option to abort profile if too many files are going to be copied/movedUpdated: When mounting VHD/VHDX files, and the file is read-only, then it is automatically mounted as read-onlyUpdated (Pro/SE): Can now verify and hash compare local/network files that previously gave access denied errorUpdated: With the error "Cannot copy file (87): The parameter is incorrect" it will retry more and with longer pauses between retriesUpdated (Pro): Changes to support Google Drive shortcuts in root folderFixed: Importing a profile while profile selected may create a new profile using a linkFixed: Desktop notifications sometimes using wrong titleFixed: As per Microsoft guidelines, on Windows 8 and newer the installers now have a single shortcut to SyncBack in the start menu, no sub-folder or other linksFixed: Action to perform when profiles end defaulted to Shutdown after a profile was modified or global settings changedFixed (Pro): Egnyte timestamps format may be wrong due to different localeFixed (Pro): Minor fix in WebDAV to ignore progress callback if total size is negative

V9.2.38.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (11th February 2020)Updated: Support for OAUTH2 with cloud-based Office 365 emailUpdated: WeOnlyDo FTP details added to manifest file so DLL registration not required (useful for No Install version)Updated (Pro): Change in OneDrive/SharePoint API, not to try to commit the large file upload manually if it fails on the first fragmentUpdated (Pro): Egnyte using TLS 1.2 at a minimum. Is a requirement of the cloud service from March 2020 onwards.Fixed: When restoring multi-zip files from FTP (and not using WeOnlyDo) then it may fail to restore some filesFixed (Pro/SE): 64-bit installer was installing WeOnlyDo DLL's to a sub-folderFixed (Pro/SE): Can now access WSL shares on Windows 10

V9.0.9.14 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (28th August 2019) New: HTML log will show hits on filters (if default DOS filters are used) Updated: Installer updated, modern interface and prompts, better DPI scaling, splash image no longer displayed Updated: The installer and SyncBack executable will no longer run on Windows XP or Windows 2003 (which are not supported). V9.0.8.15 was the last version that can be installed and run on XP/2003. Updated: Changed method to detect if a window is off-screen Updated (Pro): Better progress feedback when getting file listings Updated (Pro): Supports Amazon S3 in China Updated: The default (DOS) filters are much faster Updated (Pro): Rackspace/Openstack segments now go in a separate folder Updated (Pro): Rackspace/Openstack segment sizes changed from 10MB to 50MB Updated (Pro): OneDrive API now downloads files in parts to get around expired tokens issue Updated (Pro): Amazon Cloud Drive no longer available (Amazon has stopped 3rd party access) Updated: Gmail OAUTH2 authentication removed Fixed (Pro): Automatically retries Backblaze B2 file download if data received is corrupt Fixed (Pro): Could use more than maximum number of allowed parts for file uploads (Rackspace/Openstack) Fixed (Pro): For Google Drive the file creation date and time is used if file has invalid last modification date and time Fixed: For some multi-monitor configurations the window positions were restored wrongly IMPORTANT! The installer, and SyncBack, will no longer run on Windows XP/2003. IMPORTANT! Amazon Cloud Drive is no longer available.

V9.0.8.15 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (31st July 2019) New: Can set schedule to shutdown, reboot, etc. once profiles finish New: For passive connections, always use the servers IP address setting for FTP New (Free): Profiles can now be password protected from modification and deletion Updated (Pro): Can now use Glacier and Deep Archive storage class for Amazon S3 Updated: On schedule form can now press OK on Settings page Updated: Portuguese (Brazilian) translations Updated: Hungarian translations Updated (Pro): The received date and time of emails can be changed when doing an email backup Fixed: Run history is not copied with a profile Fixed: Folders in task scheduler are not created unless a schedule is created Fixed (Pro): If there are approx. over 175,000 files on the Differences window, it may wrongly show that they have versions Fixed: On Differences window when selecting files with Shift-Up and Shift-Down it now updates display immediately Fixed (SE/Pro): Does not fail to scan files when receiving invalid dates from SyncBack Touch Fixed (SE/Pro): Sometimes crashing when using Pushover Fixed: When using WeOnlyDo FTP engine it may crash if debugging is not enabled Fixed: The mini-progress bar in the profile list was not updating Fixed: Time edit controls are now 24-hour without the spin buttons Fixed: The Add and Remove buttons were not visible on the Compression -> Compressed profile settings page Fixed (Pro): Egnyte timestamps were ignored if no metadata available Fixed: When Ctrl-Alt-Del pressed then SyncBack was asking to delete the selected profile(s) IMPORTANT! If you are using Google Storage (not via the S3 interface) then you must switch to using private keys due to security restrictions Google are implementing. See our KB article for details. IMPORTANT! Google are also implementing security restrictions on access to Gmail. If you are using Gmail with SyncBack you may need to switch to using application passwords. See our KB article for details.


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